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Test yourself:
Are you the type of person that can make money from trading online?

1.How old are you?

2.Have you ever tried trading Options, Forex or Stocks before?

3.How good is your decision making under pressure?

4.There are some risks involved in trading, how would you deal with risks?

5.Trading takes time, do you have an hour to spend trading during the day or in the evening?

6.Can you read into patterns? How good is your numbers game?

7.Are you often emotional, irrational or over-anxious?

8.have you gambled in the past or do you gamble now?

9.Are you able to be disciplined and calm when it comes to money?

10.When trading online, the more you invest the more you can earn. What is the minimum amount of money you can invest and start trading?


Thank you for filling in.
Here is your score:

10 - 12

Trading online is definitely your thing.
You are calm, calculated, and have what it takes to succeed in the financial trading.

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