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AML Policy & KYC

Both the Company and Client are subject to Anti Money Laundering laws and regulation, applicable worldwide and locally.

The Client must be aware and declare that:

It use of the Company’s website and services shall be made only with accordance to the applicable law and not for any criminal activity.

All money transaction from or to the Client shall be consistent with AML laws and regulations, and the funds that the Client

transfers to the Company do not derive from any criminal or other illegal activity.

The Client obligates to provide true and updated information about himself, to enable the Company to identify the

identity of the Client when receiving and transferring funds from and to the Client.

Repayment of any funds by the Company to the Client will be in the same currency and to the same account/credit

card from which the funds were originally transferred, unless the Company has decided, by its own discretion,

to return the funds to a different account of the Client.

D. D.
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Z. L.
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