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Privacy Policy

No matter if you are a former or an existing client or just a visitor on our website, the privacy of our users is one of our main concerns, therefore the company is committed to safeguard all personal information collected from our valued clients.

1.    By providing to the company your personal information such as Full Name, Mailing Address, ID number, Passport Number etc., you are providing the company with full consent to gather, utilize, store and protect the information provided in the manner described below.

2.    The Company will collect personal information from clients under the below circumstances:

  • 2.1    When opening a Live/Demo trading account with The Company (When filling in electronic registration forms).
  • 2.2    When funding your personal trading account.
  • 2.3    When withdrawing from your personal trading account.

3.    The Personal Information that may be Collected Includes:

  • 3.1    Personal Information such as Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, ID Number and Occupation.
  • 3.2    Financial Information such as assets, investment experience and monthly income, in order to evaluate your trading experience.
  • 3.3    When funding your account or withdrawing from your account, we may request documents such as a copy of an ID Document, Utility Bills, Credit Card copy with the last 4 digits only, and a Bank Statement.

4.    Clients willingly provide The Company with the personal information collected in the following ways:

  • 4.1    On completion of electronic registration forms placed on the Company’s Website or on a the Company’s Mini site(s).
  • 4.2    When funding or withdrawing from trading accounts, clients voluntarily provide required documents.
  • 4.3    When trading on the Company’s system.
  • 4.4    When contacting The Company or responding to a promotion advertised.

5.    There is certain information that is indirectly collected by The Company such as: IP Address, operating system, software configuration and the use of cookies.

6.    The Company will utilize the information collected from clients for the following purposes:

  • 6.1    To verify client’s identity.
  • 6.2    To set up, maintain and manage clients’ personal trading account.
  • 6.3    To process deposits and withdraws in clients’ personal trading account.
  • 6.4    To keep clients up to date with news, updates and new promotions.
  • 6.5    To analyze client activity in order to improve and provide clients with the best products and services.
  • 6.6    To provide clients with top – quality customer support.

7.    The Company does not share any client information with any affiliated or unaffiliated third parties. only under the below circumstances will client’s personal information be shared:

  • 7.1    In order to open, operate and service your personal trading account, The Company may share information with service providers such as attorneys, accountants, auditors, and other financial professionals.
  • 7.2    In order to protect against fraud, money laundering, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liabilities.
  • 7.3    The company may share information with affiliates and introducing brokers, mainly for the calculation of these entities’ compensation.

8.    Links

  • 8.1    Links to external sites may be found on the Company’s website. The Company takes no responsibility for the content on the external websites and advice to all clients to read the privacy policy of the external websites before leaving any personal information.
  • 8.2    The Company’s Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by the company.
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