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Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 19, 2016

EUR/USD The down run of the EUR/USD still continues. While decreasing, the pair broke the psychological supports at $1.1300 and $1.1230 for one Euro. Since a new bottom was created below $1.1230, we expect an eventual correction to the red bearish trend the price has been following during the last three weeks. The H4 chart […]

Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 18, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD continues its down run through the psychological support area at $1.1300 for one Euro. After the initial bounce from $1.1300 the pair increased to its red bullish trend line. After testing the trend the price bounced downwards, creating a 3-week low. On the H4 EUR/USD chart we see that the pair created […]

Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 17, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD attempts a range after the price met the $1.1300 area as a support. The bottom which was created last Friday was a premise for a price correction. Yesterday the pair did another bottom, which nearly touches the $1.1300 level. This is the 4-hour chart of the EUR/USD Forex pair. Notice that the […]

Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 16, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD Forex pair did a major decrease during the last three trading days. The price first tested the already broken red 50-period Simple Moving Average and bounced downwards. On the way down, the EUR/USD broke the blue 20-period SMA and the $1.1380 support in a combination with the pink 100-period SMA. Above we […]

Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 13, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD currency pair did a crucial breakout in bearish direction. A week ago the pair interrupted its bullish trend line and entered a consolidation phase around its hourly 20, 50 and 100-period Simple Moving Averages. Above you see the H1 chart of the EUR/USD binary option. The black circle shows the breakout through […]

Daily Binary Options Analysis for May 12, 2016

EUR/USD The general EUR/USD price move was bullish yesterday. The price has increased to the area of the psychological 1.1450 resistance. However, at the end of the yesterday’s trading day the EUR/USD started a decrease which lasts until today. On the hourly graph of the EUR/USD binary option we see the moment when the price […]

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