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Daily Market Analysis – March 14, 2016

EUR/USD After the European Central Bank announced 0.00% interest rates, the EUR/USD price logically exploded upwards. We saw a top around the psychological level of 1.1200 Dollars for Euro. Afterwards, the EUR/USD price was basically oriented sideways. This is the H1 chart of the EUR/USD showing you the side price move of the pair after […]

Daily Market Analysis – March 11, 2016

EUR/USD The Euro did a huge jump versus all the other majors yesterday. The reason for this was the decrease in the interest rates announced by the European Central Bank (ECB). The European Union interest rates were decreased to 0.00% from 0.05%. This beats the expectations for unchanged rates. This is the H1 chart of […]

Daily Market Analysis – March 10, 2016

EUR/USD The most traded Forex pair demonstrates classic trend reversal symptoms. This is the EUR/USD H1 chart which shows us the current state of the currency pair. Let’s now classify the reversal signals we get: The EUR/USD price broke the blue bullish trend in a bearish direction. The price then set a bottom in the […]

Daily Market Analysis – March 9, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD did another increase to the 1.1048 resistance area. After doing another top, the price started decreasing, breaking its weekly bullish trend line. On the H1 chart of the most traded Forex pair we see the two tops in the green circles. The red straight line is the bullish trend, which got broken […]

Daily Market Analysis – March 8, 2016

EUR/USD After yesterday’s decrease to the current bullish trend, the price started crawling on the line. A bullish bounce occurred afterwards and we saw the price meeting the 1.1050 resistance for second time. This is the H1 chart of the EUR/USD. In the green circles you see the moments when the price tested the 1.1050 […]

Binary Options Trading Strategy: Simple Moving Average

If you have been wondering what a Simple Moving Average is, then you came to the right web page. Today we are going to explain to you the fundamentals behind the Moving Average and how it can be applied in trading. Then we are going to discuss an essential binary options trading strategy which involves […]

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