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Daily Market Analysis – February 11, 2016

EUR/USD The Euro did another increase versus the US Dollar after the FED chairman Janet Yellen put rates increase during the next interest rates decision under question. The EUR/USD H1 chart shows the overnight increase to the resistance at 1.1336. Although going above this level, the EUR/USD is still testing it as a resistance. If […]

Daily Market Analysis – February 10, 2016

EUR/USD The bulls keep their dominance at the EUR/USD. The price is still increasing. Although the strong resistance area at 1.1238, the price of the most traded Forex pair did a bullish breakout and expanded setting a new high at 1.13367. Currently, the EUR/USD is moving downwards. As you see, the recent price move could […]

Daily Market Analysis – February 9, 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD increased to its 6-month bearish trend yesterday (red line). It is important to mention that this happened after the EUR/USD exchange rate did a more serious break through the support at 1.1136 (red circle). Although the price went back to the red bear trend again, the break through 1.1136 made serious implications […]

Daily Market Analysis – February 8, 2016

EUR/USD After the break through the 1.1136 resistance on Thursday, the EUR/USD rallied to its 6-month bearish trend, which beginning was set at the end of August, 2015 (red line). In the times of the price’s second interaction with the red trend, employment data got announced from the US. Although the US Non-farm Payrolls were […]

Daily Market Analysis – February 4, 2016

EUR/USD The yesterday’s negative economic releases from the US pushed the Dollar in bearish direction, striking the Euro toward new highs. The bottom line got broken when the US Energy Information Administration announced Crude Oil Inventories equal to 7.792 Million Barrels on a forecast of 4,760 Million Barrels. Below you will see the results: The […]

Did You Know You Can Trade Binary Options with Bitcoins?

You can now take advantage of the web’s easiest method for bitcoin trading using binary options – which isn’t just an indication of how far the world has really come, it’s also amazing in terms of the sheer possibilities and doors this opens up! At this point you now might be wondering what bitcoins are and what […]

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